Piattaforme aeree

Technical Assistance

Servizio di assistenza sulle piattaforme aeree

Nacanco Technical Support offers quality, timeliness and safety. All machinery is regularly revised in accordance with the applicable regulations in order to guarantee excellent technical functionality. In its workshops, in all its branches, Nacanco offers regular revision services for hired machinery, so customers can always rely on having safe and efficient equipment.
Additionally, mobile workshops are equipped with everything required for emergency repairs; our professional technicians can reach customers to solve any technical issues and reduce downtimes.

Nacanco also offers its Technical Support services to customers who have purchased their own machines.
Nacanco can guarantee professional interventions on any type of machine. The service includes regular maintenance checks to guarantee the correct functioning of the machines.

Nacanco has a team of more than 60 trained and specialised technicians, whose aim is to offer our customers assistance of the highest quality.

Thanks to Nacanco, owners of lifting machines can rely on the Spare Parts Service. Nacanco Spare Part Service is fast, reliable and economical; it deals with over 7,000 parts, of which over 1,500 ready available in stock. Thanks to years of experience, Nacanco Spare Parts Department answers in just a few minutes, providing reliable and in-depth advise to help identify the best parts on the market, with dispatches in record times. All carried out with extremely economical prices for both the parts and the transport.
For further information, please write to info@nacanco.it, quoting model, serial number and requirements.

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